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2019 Summer School

For Staff


Raymond Alvarado (CO)   Vicente Ortiz (RD)
37 years   21 years
Georgianna Barcena (CO)   Rafael Robles (MO/CO)
22 years   25 years
Sabino M. Camacho (DA)   Yolanda T. Rojas (DL)
32 years   31 years
Paula J. Daniels (CO)   Norma Q. Rosas (FS)
30 years   10 years
Norma G. Garcia (DL)   Olivia Vargas (RD)
32 years   13 years
Sandra D. Gustafson (DL)   Juan G. Villarreal (EC)
36 years   31 years
Anna Laguna (WM)   Reynalda R. Zaragoza (KG)
12 years   11 years
Maria C. Martinez (DL)    
39 years    
Norma Ortiz (RD)    
33 years    

Last update 7/15/2013


1.           This advisory is for email users (inside and outside the CUSD network). 


This is the link of our new email system (CUSDK12.ORG) :


  • You will need to enter your new email address, and your password.



The legacy email system (CALEXICO.K12.CA.US) can still be accessed on the following link:






2.             This advisory is for smartphone users

If you wish to configure your smartphone to receive emails from the new email system, please use THIS GUIDE to setup your device.