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Raymond Alvarado (CO)   Vicente Ortiz (RD)
37 years   21 years
Georgianna Barcena (CO)   Rafael Robles (MO/CO)
22 years   25 years
Sabino M. Camacho (DA)   Yolanda T. Rojas (DL)
32 years   31 years
Paula J. Daniels (CO)   Norma Q. Rosas (FS)
30 years   10 years
Norma G. Garcia (DL)   Olivia Vargas (RD)
32 years   13 years
Sandra D. Gustafson (DL)   Juan G. Villarreal (EC)
36 years   31 years
Anna Laguna (WM)   Reynalda R. Zaragoza (KG)
12 years   11 years
Maria C. Martinez (DL)    
39 years    
Norma Ortiz (RD)    
33 years    



The Calexico Unified School District

invites you to join us in honoring employees

for their years of service


Place:      Cesar Chavez Elementary School

Multi-Purpose Room

1251 East Zapata Street

Calexico, California


Date:       Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Time:       4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.


Recognition for Years of Service will be as follows:

10 Years – Employees completing 10 years this year.

15 Years – Employees completing 15 years this year.

20 Years – Employees completing 20 years this year.

25 Years – Employees completing 25 years this year.

30 Years – Employees completing 30 years this year.

35 Years – Employees completing 35 years this year


Please refer to the attached list of service awards recipients